What is the potential impact of our “togetherness”?

What is the potential impact of our “togetherness”?

Mentors program in the incubator for educational and social entrepreneurship

The Institute launched its graduates’ movement in a conference that took place last May. The opening discussion introduced the above question relating to the possible impact our work mat offer.

The Institute for Democratic Education operates in cooperation with colleges and universities within the framework of four academic programs for training leading and pioneering educators.

More than 500 graduates are currently leading the educational and social field in Israeli society. They do so in many different ways through their position as pedagogical coordinators, school principals, NGO managers, youth center managers and various position in community centers, private enterprises, and more).

This movement was established in order to create an influential network of democratic educators who are creating change in Israeli society. From the beginning, last May, it was clear that the graduates wish to collaborate and create a shared educational “home” based on shared values that will continue to accompany them in the fieldwork.

One of the most significant and impressing projects in this framework is the “Graduate Mentors” project launched this month. The project includes a process of partnership between graduates of the Educational Initiatives Incubator” program, together with a team of lecturers and third year students from the program.

In the framework of the “Incubator” program, students are asked to implement a social educational project. The students created 26 projects, and a graduate mentor was assigned to each project according to the field of activity and content of the project. The mentor will accompany the student and the project throughout the year.

This is the first time that our graduates are integrated into our programs and the training process. This enables us to form a network of influence involving students and promote the concept of collaboration as a way of life.

The Gandyr Foundation and Yahel Foundation support the project and help us develop a value-based educational leadership that seeks to create a highly self-aware civil society that is oriented towards social awareness, contribution, and collaborative action.

We wish to take this opportunity to say – Thank You!

The first meeting with the students took place on Thursday, December 14th, 2017.

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