They deserve it!

They deserve it!

IDE congratulates the Ra’anana and the Holon municipalities on winning the 2017 Education Award for their long-standing dedication to education, for leading groundbreaking pedagogical processes, inclusive education in which they were supported by the deeply involved mayors, Mr. Ze’ev Beilski from Ra’anana and Mr. Moti Sason from Holon.

As a third sector organization, it has been our privilege to be a part of a long-standing educational partnership with the cities of Holon and Ra’anana, who are a model of educational leadership, deep-rooted commitment to the assimilation of local values in the state educational system, while leading the collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the authority, its community and culture agencies and third sector entities.

We are happy and proud to have been your partners as you reached new highs again and again.

The institute’s teams work in and with local authorities, providing training and enrichment, and supporting their thinking processes and dreams. This steadfast and profound partnership facilitates long-term processes where educational dreams come true and whose impressive system changes have been recognized by the award committee.

Our warm congratulations on winning this award – go forward, go strong!

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