The Netivim Program | המכון הדמוקרטי

The Netivim مسارات Program

Bachelor’s degree in educational – environmental leadership in the Negev

The Challenge

The Negev region is home to both Jewish and Bedouin populations, which rarely get to meet and delve into common issues. The “Netivim” program enables local educators to learn together, debate and experience a common issue of developing an environmental leadership aware of the physical, geographical and human dimensions it inhabits and in which it operates.

Project Description

In the 2017-8 school year, the Kaye Academic College of Education in Beer Sheba launched a new academic program, in collaboration with the Institute for Democratic Education.

The program is named “Netivim” مسارات and aimed at groundbreaking youths (ages 18-24) aspiring to become environmental leaders, geography teachers and promote educational initiatives within informal education. 42 young students (30 women) from Bedouin settlements in the Negev started their four years of studies in October 2017.

Students attest: “the Netivim program is special since we learn together using informal education methods,” “I used to study for the diploma, now I study for me.”

Program Characteristics

The program emphasizes training in democratic pedagogy: “greenhouses”, getting to know the various potential dialogues and democratic education thought. As part of the practical experience, which forms part of the academic studies, the students are integrated in social activities in community centers, local authorities and social organizations.

In Practice

The program’s main focus is a deep acquaintance with social-environmental issues in the Negev, while combining tours and experiential learning. Its students take a double-course track, with two majors: first, a major in informal education focused on teens and community. Second, a major in geography focused on human-cultural geography and location-based learning.

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