Breakthrough Programs – “Shvilim” and “Netivim”

Breakthrough Programs – “Shvilim” and “Netivim”

“Shvilim” (paths) program is a pioneering program in the training of educators and activists in the field of environment and sustainability, as well as in the development of leadership within the Arab society. The program is a collaborative effort between the Kaye College and the Institute for Democratic Education It was established and led by Dr. Dafna Granit, and was awarded the 2017 Negev Award. The 9th annual award ceremony took place on 21/11. The award is granted each year to organizations, associations, authorities and institutions that promote environmental and social issues in the Negev.

Those who arrive to the program’s event that celebrated the end of the study year encountered a rare mix of Israeli society, students from all sectors, from the ultra-Orthodox to the Bedouin, of all ages. During the year, the students learn together and undergo a personal process that calls for them to become pro-active and improve education and society in the southern region of Israel. The “Shvilim” program is aimed to teach experienced educators, who work in various frameworks in the educational and social fields but have never integrated into an academic framework. The program offers them a space for diverse, experiential, personal and group learning.

The program creates and promotes a network of graduates working in the area. Following the success of this program, Kay College, in collaboration with the Institute for Democratic Education, opened this year an additional program, “Netivim” (ways), which is designed to serve Bedouin educators and activists.

Forty-two undergraduate education students are currently enrolled in the program, specializing in geography and informal education. The staff is composed of a mixed team of college lecturers and other lecturers who are active in the fields of environment, society and education in the Bedouin society.

This unique program enables the students to complete their studies, earn an academic degree, and adapt it to their needs. It also promotes educational leadership among these young people as they enroll to the program. This is another significant milestone in making quality and advanced education accessible to the diverse populations living in Israel.

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