Program for Teenage Girls at Risk

The Challenge

By training them to work in the field of early childhood education, we offer teenage girls at risk an opportunity to create a turning point in their lives. The connection to the world of preschool is a beneficial social and educational tool, offering the girls a different view of themselves and of the world.

Project Description

The program for teenage girls at risk operates within educational, communal, and therapeutic frameworks and empowers teenage girls through training them for work with preschoolers. The program is based on the well-researched theory that the formation of such an experience can prove a significant turning point. Contact with preschoolers enables these girls to process, learn, and correct previously learned behavioral patterns and life attitudes.


The program gives the teenage girls feelings of capability, strengthens their ties to the community, and opens the door to higher education. The learning process helps them to develop life skills, bolsters their ability to cope, and creates a sense of optimism toward the future.

Program Characteristics

IDE’s preschool staff is responsible for developing the content, creating educational models, matching the girls with appropriate frameworks, training the staff, and supporting the girls’ academic and practical needs throughout the entire training period. Along with the learning and the hands-on experience, the teenage girls also accumulate academic credit that enables them later, should they desire, to complete academic training in the field of early childhood education.

In Practice

The initiative has operated in schools in Herzliya and is currently expanding to other locations.

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