Early Childhood Education

We cannot know what knowledge, tools and skills our children will need in the future. But we may assume that if we imbue them with creativity, curiosity, initiative and social skills, they will be able to acquire what they need on their own, and thus cope better with the challenges of the future.

These qualities can already be instilled at the age when personality is being shaped, by means of 21st century early childhood education. Rather than focusing on imparting knowledge, this type of education serves as a catalyst for learning, curiosity and cooperation.

In the Early Childhood Education Department of the Institute for Democratic Education, we are working to develop, implement and disseminate innovative pedagogies and strategies that nurture individuals and their place in society. We are working to formulate and implement policies together with policy-makers, cities, organizations, communities and educational institutions.

Consulting to Education Policy-makers

Consulting on reorganizing the education system to build a strategic work plan, formulate a vision and accompany managerial levels as they work with the educational staff in the field.

Birth to 3 ECE program

changing the educational system at an early age for the benefit of future generations

Consultancy to Local Authorities and Organizations

Helping to design early childhood education adapted to the unique character of local authorities, organizations or communities, strengthening ties with the environment, the community or the local culture.

A Training Program for Adolescent Girls At Risk

A training program in early childhood education for adolescent girls at risk. The program empowers the girls, instilling them with a sense of self-efficacy, connection with the community, and coping skills.

Environmental Design for Kindergartens

Working with designers, local authorities and the children themselves to create a new environment that will encourage the children’s creativity and self-expression.

Conferences, workshops and lectures

Organizing conferences and workshops on educational innovation and on creating the 21st-cenury preschool. Participating as guest lecturers at education conferences.

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