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The Democratic Institue does not deal with policy in the classic form of legislation and lobbying, but with advising policy makers and building models that can do the scaling for them to a national level and influence policy bottom up.

Examples of dealing with policy in the framework of The Institute:

  • Advise and accompaniment of two national reforms in
    * The reform of the second aide in preschools
    * The reform of leading preschool teachers
  • Advise for the director of the preschool branch in manners of policy implementation, including instruction and guiding staff of supervisors and the Ministry of Education
  • Design urban educational policy – in the framework of “education cities” of The Institute for Democratic Education
  • Development of pedagogic educational policy in the city of Holon
  • Development of the program “Spaces of Independence” in preschool education in Rama Gan
  • “Bat Yam Model for Personal Education” – a model that became part of the national reform that took effect in all of the junior high schools in Israel

The Democratic Institue

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