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DI has developed tools for assessment and evaluation and uses them to help other civil society organizations as well as foundations in their assessment processes. Within the context of this work DI is involved in the following:

  • Building training programs for democratic management and work processes in the framework of the DemocratEx initiative.
  • Building partnerships with civil society organizations for joint influence.
  • Involvement in the organization Tzav Pius, accompanying schools looking to integrate secular and religious education streams, and introducing educational pioneers (leaders of educational innovation) into these schools.
  • A joint initiative with the Society for the Protection Of Nature In Israel to build a process connecting between democracy and the environment.
  • The coalition for good in partnership with Shacharit, Zionism 2000, Kolot, Shatil, and Shel to create an urban process that connects the abilities of these organizations.
  • Working with the Merchavim Institute to building a training process for Arab teachers working in Jewish schools.
  • Working with the Lemerchav program to train staff and support processes of change.
  • Building training programs for the Israeli Scouts Movement based on the concept of project based learning (PBL).

The Democratic Institute – society and education

Address: 149 Derech Namir, Tel Aviv 62507, Israel
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