שיתוף ציבור

Growth Processes in Local Municipalities

During the last few years, The Democratic Institute has begun to operate within the sphere of municipal activities inside the educational and academic world. It had done so as a leverage for communal and organizational change.
We bring our experience and knowledge from the field of education. We improve the way in which organizations and communities conduct processes of change.

The Project

The Creation of partnerships and agreements between parties interested in advancing local narratives
The Promotion of the culture of ׳Inclusive Governance׳ via a variety of municipal programs in the areas of community and society at large
Creating a policy to strengthen local economy through ׳Incubators for Business׳ entrepreneurship among young people and forums of small business owners
The Writing of Academic programs, such as a Master’s Program in education, in cooperation with interested parties
The Development and implementation of local educational models in cooperation with interested parties – municipalities, The Ministry of Education, parents, local educational leaders, teachers, and students
The Identification and analysis as a basis for preparing a ׳Community-Based Educational Plan׳
We Take Place In...
התחל"ה - קהילה בארגונים

Ramat Gan

Implementation of the program ׳This Kindergarten is Me׳ with its unique educational model for preschools which is led by the director of the city’s׳ Early childhood education׳ office together with supervisors of the Ministry of Education.
עיר דמוקרטית


Was chosen as an experimental city to the field of ׳Singularity׳ expressed in schools , by operating processes of ׳Authentic Leadership׳ with the school director and the teaching staff together with the Municipal Educational Authority.
שיתוף ציבור
A pioneering system of ׳Educational Assessment׳ which bases learning on projects instead of matriculation exams.
The program was implemented according to the model of HighTech High (HTH) in San Diego.
המכון הדמוקרטי

Tel Aviv

Public Participation which takes place at ׳Hatikva׳ neighborhood, the program creates a Dialogue taking place between civils and managers. We use the neighborhood׳s community center "Beit Danny" as our homebase in order to create processes which would later be implemented aon all life cycles
המכון הדמוקרטי
We conduct A Teacher, council members and organizational Training programs within the city of Nesher. The programs reflectDemocratic values and embed Public Participation processes.
Together, we use tools to create an environment that is based on respect.
הערכה ומחקר
The Democratic Institute conducts a Public Cooperation in order to build a New Regional Educational Model.
Together with the council we create, a Cooperative System that reflects the educational environment in which bothchildren and teachers are thrilled to have
We are looking forward to extending the program onwards to Israel’s social and geographical peripheries and to target new sectors and participants.
The program’s partners are the Ministry of Education and local municipalities.
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המכון הדמוקרטי

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