Leading Change in the Israeli Preschool Educational System

The Challenge

IDE is working together with the Ministry of Education on a national reform to change preschools and make them suitable for the twenty-first century.

IDE’s pedagogic abilities alongside our capacity to work with government offices and municipal systems have also proven successful for work in the field of early childhood education. In fact, IDE is currently one of the leading Israeli organizations to combine systemic and pedagogic skills in work with preschoolers.

Project Description

The Second Assistant Reform has provided the opportunity to reorganize the headquarters and supervision of preschools. Each preschool supervisor, generally responsible for 120 preschools, will be equipped with an additional preschool teacher for every 15 preschools, thus allowing a process of educational innovation take place in a more suitable environment. The process of training the supervisors and preschool teachers to be innovators and leaders of change will take place in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and IDE. Within the training process, they are exposed to various preschool models, such as project-based learning, and to evaluation processes that empower learning and bring about educational change.


  • To raise awareness towards bottom-up teaching through understanding the significance of early childhood education for a child’s formative development.
  • To bring Israeli preschools into the twenty-first century, making them places of innovative learning through the development of challenges, investigation, curiosity, and creativity.

Program Characteristics

IDE has been working with the Ministry of Education’s department for early childhood education for the past three years in the field of significant and innovative learning in preschools. IDE is currently the only organization dealing with this in Israel.

In Practice

This year we are accompanying all Israeli preschool supervisors in professional development and implementation of the reform. We established a committee within the Ministry of Education comprised of a taskforce for implementing the reform (ministry staff, supervisors, local municipalities, colleges and psychological advisory services). We are also working with leading preschool teachers in several cities.

There is participation in the project by supervisors from all over the country: the south, north, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the central region, and Haifa.

Workshops for the ongoing training of leading preschool teachers are also taking place all over the country: Haifa, Hof Ha’Carmel, Netivot, Beersheba, Bedouin villages in the south, Herzliya, Netanya, Givatayim, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, and Jerusalem.

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