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Jisr e-Zarka: A Sea of Education

The Challenge

Jisr a-Zarqa was one our DI’s most challenging projects. This Israeli Arab town has deplorable socio-economic conditions and the mayor was determined to make dramatic progress by applying the Education City model.

Project Description

The project aims to generate systemic change in a weakened community by creating relationships and interactions between the education system, the economy, and the community. Through place-based education (PBE), which maximizes the strengths of the town and the wonderful treasures of the sea where it is located, an empowering process of economic development is taking place. We are seeing, once again, how education is the principal engine of change which influences all aspects of life.

Program Characteristics

The DI’s places great importance on the use of heritage, narrative, and local resources. The societal and familial heritage and the wonderful natural resources of Jisr a-Zarqa’s surroundings have been essential to the change.

In Practice

The project has been successfully implemented in Jisr a-Zarqa.There is now increased tourism thanks, in part, to the extension of the Israel National Trail to pass through the town.

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