Initiatives in Developing Countries

The Challenge

This project originated from a request by the Foreign Ministry asking IDE to assist in building and improving the system of preschools in a number of developing countries, starting with Ghana, Liberia, and others.

The challenge was to raise awareness regarding the need for a preschool system and the allocation of necessary resources. The current process, which is taking place mainly in Ghana, has been successful in terms of both cooperation and progress.

Project Description

The project involves leading a change in preschools in Ghana and additional African countries by creating educational models that are suited to the local culture and integrating local knowledge with tools developed by IDE.

Program Characteristics

The work is conducted in a manner suited to the local culture yet employing democratic and innovative ways of thinking. The aim is to create a sustainable system.

In Practice

A pedagogic center is being established in Ghana with the support of the Vital Foundation and various tools are being used to establish and manage a system of democratic preschools.

During the year representatives from Ghana will come to IDE for a series of preschool education training programs.

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