The Democratic Institute has developed tools for assessment and evaluation and uses it to help other civil society organizations as well as foundations to generate their assessment processes.
We build training programs and work processes
We initiate partnerships with civil society organizations
We have established Involvement with the organization ׳Tzav Pius׳
We accompany schools which are looking to integrate secular and religious education streams
We are a part of A joint initiative with the׳ Society for the Protection Of Nature׳ In Israel to build a process connecting between democracy and environment.
We have partnered with the Shacharit, Zionism 2000, Kolot, Shatil, and Shel organizations in order to create an Urban Process that connects the abilities of these organizations
We are Working with the ׳Merchavim Institute׳ in order to build a training process for Arab teachers working in Jewish schools
We are Working with the ׳Lemerchav׳ program to train staff and support processes of change
We are creating training programs for the ׳ Israeli Scouts Movement׳ based on the concept of project based learning (PBL)


The Democratic Institute has been involved in the establishment of similar institutions in Europe and the US, such as ׳The Institute for Democratic Education in America׳ (IDEA)

The Democratic Institute has received A Freedom Centered Workplace Recognition as a based freedom and trust working place by the national organization Worldblu

The Democratic Institute has received A Public Participation Recognition by the International Association for Public Participation, as an NGO that leads Public Participation

Members of ALDA Organization
The European Association for local democracy, That engaging communities and stakeholders

The Democratic Institute is the Israeli representative of ׳Big Picture Learning׳ – an organization which designs schools which put children at the center of their own learning
The Democratic Institute has accompanied the process of community cooperation in designing a school system in the Canary Islands
The Democratic Institute, in conjunction with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, has been involved in the process of training preschools in Ghana
The Democratic Institute’s academic partnerships include a joint degree program in Israel for Jewish professionals with The Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership IT partners and exchanges student with The Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany.
The Democratic Institute is a member of the Israeli friends of High Tech High (HTH) which aims to implement similar school models in Israel.


The Democratic Institute does not deal with policy in the classic form of legislation and lobbying, but with advising policy makers and building models that can generate the scaling for it to a national level and can influence policy bottom up.
The Democratic Institute has Advised and accompanied two national reforms:
* The reform of the second aid in preschools
* and The reform of leading preschool teachers
The Democratic Institute had Advised to the director of the preschool branch in manners of policy implementation, including instruction and guiding staff of supervisors and the Ministry of Education
The Democratic Institute had Designed the urban educational policy – in the framework of “education cities” of The Institute for Democratic Education
The Democratic Institute took part of the Development of pedagogic educational policy in the city of Holon
and is responsible for the Development of the program “Spaces of Independence” in preschool education in Ramat Gan
“Bat Yam Model for Personal Education” – a model that became a part of the national reform that took effect in all of the junior high schools in Israel
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