Greenhouses for leadership, enterprise and youth involvement | המכון הדמוקרטי

Greenhouses for leadership, enterprise and youth involvement in the community

The challenge

The Democratic Institute has been operating in various arenas, to foster a democratic culture as a way of life in Israeli society.

A democratic way of life, according to IDE’s belief, is based on four key principles:

  1. A dialogue between individuals and communities
  2. Civil participation in shaping community life
  3. Shared responsibility between the individual and the community
  4. Social activism

The Democratic Institute’s premise is that with this culture, an equal society can be structured, where different groups can meet and co-exist, and where differences are a fertile soil of opportunities and dialogues, and of share and equal existence of all groups and cultures in it.

The institute operates in various arenas and communities, serving as a facilitator of encounters between the different groups through various professional fields and activities. DI sees its activities throughout Israeli society as golden opportunities for cross-sector dialogues and operations.

Over time, the Democratic Institute has begun operating within Arab society, albeit on a relatively small scale. However, this last year, we have decided to go deeper and reach farther in this specific arena.

This year, and under the leadership of Mr. Nasser Abu Saffi, the institute has initiated its Arabic program, with profound study and research of Arabic society’s needs, opportunities and barriers, which have yielded several key directions.

The institute’s expertise lies in leading educational and communal changes, both locally and nationally.

Project description

Key courses of action

  • State-wide training for leaders and counselors of enterprise and social leadership greenhouses for youth. This program targets social coordinators, youth coordinators, community anchor figures, educators and officials in the education system and in the local authority.
  • Accompanying the initial building of youth greenhouses, creating a learning platform, linking the various greenhouses and building a network of young entrepreneurs and leaders in Arabic society.

Program characteristics

We believe that people’s development is a life-long process. Our proposed model is a stepping stone for Arab youth’s future as adults in Arabic society. The first stage of the proposed program targets ages 15-18, a significant crossroad in life. At this junction, many parts of a person’s identity are under construction and not yet fully formed, hence the importance of our involvement. At this age, people are coping with questions regarding their identity and their place in the community and in society at large. The program facilitates a liaison with MoE’s Youth and Society Administration to provide innovative tools for youth’s leadership and enterprise.

The Democratic Institute – society and education

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