Good Mentor – Life Mentor

Good Mentor – Life Mentor

The Alumni Society of the Democratic Institute sums up a year of achievement: Mentoring as a Pedagogic Tool

Over the past year, more than 30 of our graduates served as mentors to students in training. They guided and helped the various ventures started by second and third-year students. These ventures cover various key sectors: at-risk youths, gender, the Arab sector in Israel, education, and environment, innovative pedagogy, and more. It is time to conclude our activities, celebrate, pay gratitude, and learn about this wonderful partnership that has greatly contributed to training and the program.

An Invitation to Appreciate, Introspect, and Learn

After a successful year, we invite our Alumni Network to an evening of learning about mentoring as an influential force in the educational and social sphere, we will explore models from Israel and around the world, draw our conclusions, think together, brainstorm ideas, and produce insights about our mentoring program, while also eating, drinking, thanking our wonderful mentors and handing out gifts. We hope to see you on Thursday, July 5th, at 6:30 PM in Tel Aviv. You’re all invited! (not just alumni).

A Word About the Democratic Institute’s Alumni Network

The Democratic Institute cooperates with four academic programs in colleges and universities, and the graduates are members of the alumni groups of:

  • The Master’s Degree in Education Policy Program at Tel Aviv University
  • The Educational Innovation Incubator Bachelor’s Degree Program at Kibbutzim College of Education
  • The Shvilim Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Education Program at Kaye Academic College of Education in Beersheba
  • The Netivim Bachelor’s Degree Program – Designed Exclusively for Educators and Social Activists from the Bedouin Sector – at Kaye Academic College of Education in Beersheba

All of these programs have one major aspect in common: democratic educational leadership. As of today, more than 500 graduates of these programs fill key educational and social positions in Israeli society, including Chairman of the National Union of Israeli Students, directors of LGBT non-profits, school principals and administrators, senior Ministry of Education officials, senior members of non-profit organizations, youth organizations, and more.

Little by Little, We Weave an Influential Network

Our goal is to transform individual activities into an influential network and provide professional support to our educators and teachers, so that together we can promote democratic culture in Israel. That is why we stay in touch with more than 300 alumni, 65 of whom are active members of our organization. We are currently developing an app to support this activity.

Thank you to all our graduates who filled out the questionnaires we sent out – we will continue updating you, and a big thank you to the funds that support us – Gandyr Foundation and Yahel Foundation. Without your support, our important program could not succeed!

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