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Environmental Design for Kindergartens

Designing the preschool and its surroundings is yet another way of cultivating creative thinking and imagination among children. A preschool designed for the 21st century will provide the children with a pleasant, secure and intriguing environment, which will complete the whole experience.

Creating an atmosphere through design

The organization and design of the preschool environment reflect the educational perception of an innovative preschool: the creation of accessible zones with a free flow in space allows the children the freedom of choice and a whole different play experience.

In a kindergarten that emphasizes the division of space between private and public the children can choose the level of involvement and interaction they need and express themselves.

Play is a means of acquiring skills, and the design is the complement of that means. Environmental planning and design with the use of shape and color activate the senses and provide zones that inspire action, curiosity, confidence and social interaction.

How the program works

Collective work with design colleges, construction departments, conservation departments, architects and the preschool children themselves, in order to adapt the setup and the looks of the setting to its spirit and vision.


Shenkar College final project

Collaborative work with the Shenkar College for Interior and Environmental Design yielded a final project and an exhibition dedicated to the architecture of kindergartens and to “the shaping of the generations to come”.

The students conducted observations in kindergartens and expressed different educational approaches through their designs. The 34 creations were divided into the following topics: relations between the private and the public; imagination, game and creativity; body and senses; relations between the inside and the outside and relations between a subject and an object.


See the project designs

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