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Educational Pioneer Program

Approximately 1,500 new teachers join the Israeli education system every year.
About 40% of which –dropout within the first five years of their employment. many of which have fine or excellent profiles –
Among the reasons of high-quality teachers high percentage dropout of the teaching profession are: The Poor environment of schools together with low managemental quality, A low social status of teachers within Israeli society, A lack of support and a sense of isolation, Inadequate working conditions together with A lack of employment options and inner organizational mobility difficulties .

The Solution

The Educational Pioneer Program - ׳Halutz׳ locates and trains quality educators to become school directors and obtain other leadership positions in Israeli schools.
The program’s framework aims on young educators with high social awareness and a strong sense of motivation, to act upon empowering schools which are located in the social and geographic periphery of Israel in order to turn it into ground-breaking innovative schools.
The program trains educators (or pioneers) over a five-year period that include professional development and the formalization of an educational vision.
By the end of the process, the pioneers will have satisfied the requirements to become school directors
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Our Goal
Is to train a pool of educators as educational leaders and school directors
Integrate high-quality and highly motivated human resources in the public education system
developing processes of׳ Educational Innovation׳ in schools in the social and geographic peripheries of Israel together with integrating it into the overall education system.
The Program
Locating young new teachers with high social awareness and high motivation to creating systemic change.
Locating school directors within the periphery who are interested in leading significant processes of change and develop school leadership.
Placing pioneer groups (at least three) in schools.
Each school is matched with an inner program professional guideAn advisor that accompanies both theschool director and staff through the processes of change and innovation. and accompanies the pioneers both as a group and individuallals through their development as ׳Educational Leaders׳.
Accompanying both the pioneers and schools over the course lasting five years.
Creating a national network of educational leaders and pioneering schools that lead change.
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