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Consultancy to Local Authorities and Organizations

Early childhood is a critical age for normal development. It constitutes the foundation and the infrastructure for the entire educational process. Planning an educational model for early childhood will encourage personal development and healthy social relationships among the children, the community and the entire town.

Together with Education Department Heads, we are building models adapted to the specific character of each entity. We relate to the local challenges and tasks they wish to advance and strive to define and attain those goals.  Such tasks might be to strengthen the bonds with the environment, the community or the ethnic culture, municipal branding or attracting strong populations.

Leading the change in early childhood education

Change process procedure

In the spirit of democratic values and sharing, we strive to reach an understanding with the local authority head about the importance of this step. We cultivate the motivation among all senior staff dealing with education in order to drive a real change.

For the change to be truly implemented all entities in the system undergo parallel processes, and decisions are made together, respecting all participants. Listening and real dialogue underlie the connections between the individuals and the various entities.

Principles of democratic education for early childhood

Our goal is to create a preschool that is adapted to the 21st century and prepares the children for the challenges of tomorrow. We wish to ensure normal development, to develop individual skills and the ability to create social ties. These will help the children find the knowledge, tools and skills they will need in the future on their own. They will also know how to cooperate with those around them in order to cope successfully.

5 elements of democratic education for early childhood

  • Warmth – build a meaningful relationship with the child to ensure a sense of belonging and safety
  • Learning – encourage learning that is challenging, experiential, relevant and derives from the children themselves.
  • Confidence – create a space that enables the child to fulfil his/her desires within a clear framework
  • Socialization – ensure there is room for social, physical and cognitive interaction
  • Playing – use of play as an experiential learning tool and as a means of expressing creativity and imagination


  • This preschool is me
  • A municipal education model in the city of Ramat Gan, in which the children participate in building their experience. The goal is to make the city special, attract young people, and create a sense of belonging.
  • Holon – city of children
  • Adapting a comprehensive reform in teaching and learning in Holon’s ECE settings in order to create a pedagogical continuum of experiential and meaningful learning from preschool through high school via project-based learning.
  • Bat Yam model of individual education
  • Building an education system that provides personal attention and encourages identification and enhancement of strengths, self-expression and personal initiatives among the children and their teachers. This initiative comes from the field.

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