Big Picture Learning Program

Big picture learning is an innovative educational model that breaks down the walls between schools and the real world. It gives any student a fair chance to succeed.

The Challenge

Between the Israeli matriculation and vocational systems, the educational inequality is flourishing. Percentages are worse for students from low socioeconomic backgrounds: 79% finish 12 years at school; 46% are entitled to matriculation certificate; 40% are qualified to university; 295 learn in a university.
The current educational system does not prepare students to the hectic working world; does not suit all the students; does not solve the educational gaps in society.
According to the last OECD report: “the education system is in a state of failure, causes wage gaps, and is likely to cause a socio-economic disaster.”
This year, too, the OECD emphasized Israel’s weak educational system and designates it as one of the barriers to economic achievement.
The current educational system does not adequality prepare the next generation’s workforce for jobs in hi-tech-an area which is suffering from a dearth of qualified employees. On the one hand, this lack allows for the possibility of growth and competition, but on the other hand, highlights wage gaps and inequality.
We Are Here To Change That!
BPL model, generated in the USA in 1995 and currently diffusing innovation throughout the world, focuses on personalizing each individual student’s learning experience within a community of fellow learners.
BPL student learning starts with, and is driven by, individual interests and passions, including through internship-based learning in careers of his/her choice.
השלטון המקומי

The Model

Learning through interest/internship – The model pursues students to find their passion and pairs them with mentors who work in the fields the students want to explore.
Personalization – Improved physical conditions: small classes, same teacher for 4 years.
Encouraging parents to be active participants – parents and families help shaping the learning plan.
Community-based program: the whole community is involved – advisors, peers, parents and mentors.
Getting “real world” skills: Learning teamwork, taking initiatives, responsibility, and resiliency.

The Goals

To replicate US success in Israel.
Give any student the chance to succeed.
Roll out the system in 15 schools.
Provide a solution to the 40% that are not entitled for matriculation diploma.
Focus on schools in the geographical periphery.
מודל התחל"ה


The BPL model operates throughout 14 states in the USA and throughout 10 countries around the world.
In Israel, the Democratic Institute operates as the franchise for BPL.
In the last few years, the model has appeared in of innovative schools throughout the world.

In Israel

In the school year of 2020-2021, the teams will be trained by instructors of the Ministry of Education, who were trained by the Democratic Institute.
We will continue to accompany our instructors to make sure they become leaders and professionals.
In addition, the track’s study program and specializations have been adjusted to meet the challenges of Covid-19, which poses difficulties in terms of employment and health.
we will continue to accompany and implement the development processes in Givol, Dor, and Geula. Each school chose an additional subject to develope.
Givol school will expand its English pilot. Its staff has located other schools with overlapping interests in Israel and abroad,thus the active reading of texts will be relevant to the children’s world.
מנהיגים דמוקרטיים
Dor school will expand its Learning Journeys project to create a pedagogy of journeys for additional subjects and more extended periods.
Dor School is located in Herzelyia.
שיתוף ציבור
Geula will dedicate a day in which the entire school will hold remote learning in various city spaces (every other Tuesday).
During this day, every student will create his or her curriculum. in TLV.
Expanding the track to other schools in Israel has been paused due to difficulties in attaining governmental budgets, stemming from the Covid-19 crisis and Israel’s political situation. Preparations are being made in the Ministry of Education and all the relevant elements to open and expand the project in 2021-2022.
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