Our History

Over the last 20 years, The DI has worked in different areas of education and in various communities in order to advance its vision of a democratic society based on a democratic culture that is both growing and nurturing growth.
DI has created operational partnerships with academic institutions both in and out of Israel in order to develop unique learning and research tracks.

Our Mission

The DI’s main objective is to advance and develope a democratic culture and to create a more equal society in which there is cross-sector dialogue, room for diverse opinions and approaches, and zero tolerance of discrimination.
We seek to implement a democratic culture within all communities in the public sphere and to bring high-quality and innovative education to the sectors that have previously been lacking.

Our Vision

We believe that a democratic society is based not only on democratic procedures, but also on a democratic culture of living, which is rooted in the human rights charter.
In a democratic culture, the community is responsible to express each person’s uniqueness, advances cooperation between parties, enhances reciprocal relations between the individual, the community and their surroundings, and in this manner seeks to create a society of equals, that is fair, growing and sustainable.


Yotam and Michal serve as Co-Executive Directors since 2014. They bring with them integrative abilities, experience in social and educational entrepreneurialism, sophisticated systems thinking and management abilities.
Since their appointment, DI has undergone significant professionalization, and new organizational foundations have been built. DI has embarked on additional social activities and works with a wider section of the population.
They implement their way of thinking also in the on-going management of DI, demonstrating the uniqueness of an organization that works in a democratic manner, while taking responsibility for its economic independence.
המכון הדמוקרטי - שיתוף ציבור

Michal Gilboa-Atar

Co-executive Director of the DI

Michal previously managed the Incubator for Volunteer Initiatives for Youth in the Israeli Center for Youth Volunteerism, responsible for the development and implementation of content, and worked as a senior instructor at the Rabin Center for Israeli Studies. She also served as the principal of the democratic school in Kiryat Ono.
Prior to her appointment as co-director, Michal served on the DI’s management team and was director of knowledge and pedagogy, director of the program Processes of Growth in Local Municipalities, and a lecturer in DI’s BA program.
She works in the pedagogic accompaniment of schools, guiding managers, teachers, and advisers and writing pedagogic content and also built and directed the personal education program for preschoolers in Bat Yam.
המכון הדמוקרטי - שיתוף ציבור

Yotam Tron

Co-executive Director of the DI

Co-executive Director of the DI He previously served as an air force pilot for many years and worked as a project manager in a multimedia firm. His decision to forfeit the opportunity of a career as a pilot and move to the world of social change stemmed from a deep desire to help Israel become a democratic, equal, and just society.
Yotam has held a series of positions at DI including managing the urban change processes in Ramat Hasharon and Herzliya; initiating, establishing, and managing the Educational Pioneers program; and developing and managing the Incubator for Educational Initiatives.
Yotam has also developed new degree programs and taught courses in democratic educational philosophy and social entrepreneurship.

The DI’s Board of Directors

Dr. Miriam Druks

DI board member
since October 2014

Miriam is a music therapist and head of the MA program in music therapy at the Levinsky College of Education.
She initiates and works in joint music projects between students and various special populations – people with mental disabilities, Holocaust survivors, refugees, youth at risk, etc.
She is also active in the Forum for Bereaved Families whose purpose is to become familiar with the narrative of the other side and to thus advance the dialogue.

Ronnie Kenneth

DI board member
since October 2014

Ronnie has more than 20 years experience in the global high tech business and is currently a private investor in high tech startups. He serves as the chair of Teridion Technologies, a company which specializes in the overlay of network technologies for service providers. He previously served as CEO of Pontis, a company specializing in providing online marketing and analytics platforms, and of Voltaire Technologies.
Ronnie has a BA in economics and computer science from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Tamar Kedar Harris

The chair of The DI
since 2012
She joined the team of Collective Impact, which works to increase the percentage of Arabs working in Israel’s private sector in 2015.
Tamar’s expertise includes identifying potential investment opportunities in both early-stage startups and social causes.
Her previous positions involve various aspects of managing the portfolios of startups including operations, business development, and investor relations, as well as developing an innovative pedagogical model for the Israeli school system.
אייל מלובן

Eyal Meluban

member of DI’s board
since 2017

Until recently was a member of the board at the Second authority for Television and Radio. Nowadays, Eyal is a member of management of the Academy of Film and Television.
A senior media person, with vast experience in production, management and regulative activity.
Eyal is leading and managing organizations in the field of culture for many years.
אייל מלובן
רפאל יודלביץ

Rafael Youdelevitch

member of DI’s board
since 2017

He is an educational psychologist and work as organizational and strategic consultant in various companies.
Rafael has M.A. in social psychology and clinical psychology from the Tel-Aviv university.vHe worked with the educational system at Ra’anana, where he learned about the different needs of all the partners: team, parents and children. Rafael believes that Education is the key to reduce social gaps and enable equal opportunities. He is married + 3, Lives at Giva’at-Ad’ A retired Lieutenant Colonel In the field forces.
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