The Institute for Democratic Education in Israel functions as an organization for social change which advances democratic culture, rooted in the human rights charter.

In a democratic culture, the community is responsible to express each person’s uniqueness (strength, growth and knowledge), advances cooperation between parties, enhances reciprocal relations between the individual, the community and their environment, and in this manner seeks to create a society of equals, that is fair, growing and sustainable.

The Institute for Democratic Education encourages optimism, critical thinking and activism on the part of the individual and the community, and sees education and social processes as a main tool for promoting this culture.

The Institute believes in cooperation, transparency, honesty, and study while maintain the organizational existence and individual view.



The Institute for Democratic Education

Address: 149 Derech Namir, Tel Aviv 62507, Israel | Tel: 972-3-741-2729 | Fax: 972-3-741-2723 |

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