Noah’s Ark

The aim of the project is to create a network of ‘lighthouse’ ECE settings that will collaborate on research and development of innovative pedagogical tools suited to 21st century preschools. These tools will serve the individuals, their ability to be part of a community and to preserve the environment.

Preschool children are the adults of tomorrow

The future holds complex challenges, and today’s knowledge and solutions will no longer suffice for the coming generations. Today’s children will have to shatter accepted paradigms and acquire personal and social skills which will enable them to develop groundbreaking thinking. These skills should be implemented in early childhood and provide the children with tools that will help them learn independently, collaborate and change rapidly.

‘Open code’ technology education

‘Noah’s Ark’ is more than a pedagogical program, it is an educational project that establishes a network of ‘lighthouse kindergartens’ and encourages education professionals worldwide to collaborate, share knowledge and jointly develop innovative educational methodologies and implementations for groundbreaking thinking in kindergartens.

The project is based on developing thinking skills and coping abilities, and on creating dialogues among the children. It encourages preschools to develop models in any subject and any field as long as they promote values of thinking, dialogue and coping. The project is adapted both to the periphery and the center, to weak populations and strong ones, and in the future it will be adapted to the third world and other cultures as well.

How does ‘Noah’s Ark’ work?



At present time there are eight ‘lighthouse kindergartens’ operating in Israel in the Jewish and in the Arab sectors, promoting four models: space based learning, multiple intelligences, community and projects (PBL). Several conferences for information exchange have taken place and a cooperative digital platform is being established. In addition, a new model is being developed –from birth to age 3.

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